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We build the only immersive augmented reality, biometrics-piloted unmanned aerial vehicles that exist. Our consumer- and commercial-grade drones are mapped to EEG biometrics integration, displaying the drone’s camera feed in realtime 3D with haptic feedback on the augmented reality visor. Head- and gaze-tracking are mapped to the drone’s navigation and camera control, focusing on your gaze. CubeSat provides long range flightbeyond line-of-sight and drones are equipped with intuitive, gesture-controlled robotics components – allowing interactivity like being in two places at once.about-me-2

Immersive Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality.

Why not virtual reality?

To put it bluntly, vertigo.

AR Visors

Our patent-pending piloting system is designed to be platform- and device-agnostic, so it works with several different sets of AR visors from leading manufacturers. It is currently being developed using Metaglasses Meta 1 andEpson Moverio.

Group holographic display is under commercial development with theHPlusTech Holus.


Electroencephalogram (EEG)

We use data from biometrics devices to monitor the electrical signature of the pilot’s brainwaves via electroencephlagram. Combined with head-tracking mapped to the drone’s navigation and gaze-tracking mapped to the drone’s camera control, we make flying intuitive, responsive and truly immersive.

The consumer-grade drones are being developed using the Thalmic Myo.

The commercial-grade drone is being developed using the elusive EmotivInsight.


Consumer-grade drones

Parrot ARDrone2

The original prototype, Huginn, was built using an off-the-shelf Parrot ARDrone2 from the local hobby store.

Phantom DJI

Higher-end models integrating Phantom’s DJI line of drones will be in beta soon!

Commercial-grade Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Dronesmith.io  QKII (Lucy)

Our dronesmith, provides our commercial-grade prototype drones for all of our use cases.

Astral AR

Immersive augmented-reality, biometrics piloted unmanned aerial drones.

Astral AR

Neuromechanical holoportation unmanned aerial vehicles. It's the future.

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