Leah, Technical Founder & CEO

Spent high school working at her dad’s super-precision tool-and-die machine shop, which lead to a brief stint in college for CAD design followed by a decade of software engineering. Leah got started long before there were any initiatives trying to bring women into dev and taught herself to program in nine languages. She built the original prototype, Huginn, and the beta, Munin, in between assembling the team out of the personal and professional network she has built over the course of the last fifteen years.  As the inventor of mind-flown drones, she hacked NASA with a toaster.

Chango, COO

Offsite WAN / backbone network cabling specialist in the Air Force, Chango is an Afghanistan vet who can tree-splice fiber optic cable while getting shot at and is fluently bilingual Spanish / English. Chango oversees Astral’s Spanish-speaking international partnerships, especially our Argentinean partners and his professional connections include his mother, retired Dean of Science at the University of Puerto Rico. In direct dev, Chango is covering Astral’s CubeSat / meshnet planning and integration.

Mary, CPO

Running product and making magic at Astral. Leah’s understudy, Chango’s stunt double. More commonly known as “Miracle Mary.”

Jill, CFO

Like a personal trainer with an MBA, guiding our financial focus and keeping it steady. Jill helps us deploy for holo-edge success.

Anita, Social Media Director

A strategist for several successful past local & state political campaigns, Anita is the primary driver behind Astral’s ability to quantify its traction with analytics, and music.


Our drone media & videography wizard, Craig reps the lifesaving capacities of Astral and  advises Astral from the front lines of Drone Media.


Our pocket gray hat. A technical insurance policy against hostile takeovers by organizations with acronyms for names. (Probably best not to ask.)


A licensed aerobatics pilot, Cheryl Cessna swoops in with aerial smarts and high-level safety overviews for business and beyond as our FAA Liaison.


The Missing Link, he has partnered his organization so closely with Leah and Astral as to qualify as a joint venture. We’re exchanging sweat equity.


Pay no attention to the man behind the sales funnel.

Jill R.

Former dev ops architect for the University of Maryland, Jill is a Desert Storm veteran fluent in five dialects of Arabic. Invented the collapsible solar-powered receiver array that in use by the US Army to this day. Former NASA, NSA, DoD, built the email system at UMD; poached from IT lead at CATT Lab.


Our mechanical engineer. Yes, really.


Vote of confidence: a former boss of Leah’s whose experience with her as a developer and then as an entrepreneur compelled him to bet his IRA on her. Leah’s knowledge of his technical and business skill set compelled her to reach out to him. His business advice has been deeply influential in shaping the organization.

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