Leah, Technical Founder & CEO

Leah got started in tech long before there were any initiatives trying to bring women into dev.  Her high school years involved many hours working in her dad’s super-precision tool-and-die machine shop.  This was followed by studying CAD design in college and then a decade of software engineering –  including five years as a Federal employee – during which time she taught herself to program in an additional nine languages. Leah built Astral’s original prototype in between assembling the team out of the personal and professional network she has built over the course of the last fifteen years.  As the inventor of mind-flown drones, she hacked NASA with a toaster.

José, COO

A United States Air Force veteran who served in Afghanistan, José is a dedication
LAN/WAN backbone and media distribution expert. He has worked with high voltage since he was nine years old. While in the U.S. Air Force,  José specialized in installation, maintenance, fault isolation and reconstitution of fixed cable and wireless distribution systems, LAN and WAN in support of tactical and strategic operations. For Astral AR, José optimizes all international strategic partnerships and heads up all WAN network engineering for line-of-sight development.  He’s also a longtime volunteer and foster parent with the Santa Rosa Dog Den Rescue.

Mary, CPO

Running product and making magic at Astral. Leah’s understudy, Chango’s stunt double. More commonly known as “Miracle Mary.”

Nate, CGC

Recognized for the highest ethical standards and professional ability by his Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent rating, Nate practices law in Austin just a mile from our office.

Jill, CFO

Like a personal trainer with an MBA, guiding our financial focus and keeping it steady. Jill helps us deploy for holo-edge success as our Astral Finance guardian angel.

Katie, CLO

Katie rocks our in-house training development and optimizes our piloting training program – as a Subject-Matter-Expert in Science Learning,

Anita, Director of Social Media Stretgy

A U.S. military veteran and strategist for several successful past local & state political campaigns, Anita is the primary driver behind Astral’s ability to quantify its traction with analytics… and music.

Craig, Director of Int’l Biz Dev

Known as a drone media & videography wizard, Craig reps the lifesaving capacities of Astral all over the world.  He’s been to Shenzhen China more than once!

Joe, Director of Biz Admin

Joe’s known Leah and family since her machine shop days  – and brings an MBA to Astral’s bidding processes and general biz. When not at Astral, Joe is busy… fishing.

Maulik, VP of Marketing

An early fan of Astral around our Austin homebase during our first year, Maulik’s sense of adventure and team spirit are leading our branding sensibility and event production.

Alisha, VP of Strategy and Deployment

Another former federal employee, Alisha is a Certified Emergency Manager who bring passion for emerging tech & logistics to her newfound love for mind-flown startups.

Jim, VP of Lobby & Gov Relations

Jim hails from Wyoming with a background in journalism and sales.  He’s spent many years in and around Capitol Hill and now applies it to leveraging Astral.

Creative/Support Staff:

Torey and Aiden are behind the scenes, everywhere.


Jacqueline, JP, Mark, Will

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