The “Annie” is our fleet of super-long-range drones. The Annie fleets are designed for Search & Rescue non-stop patrol of remote and inaccessible areas, especially open ocean.  Use cases include downed jet airplanes, capsized fishing vessels/cruise ships/small boats, and post-tsunami or coastal accident scenarios.

Annie’s primary mission is to maximize survival at sea.

Annie screenshot.png

Each drone bears a payload designed to maximize human survival, along with special sensors and software that automatically detect human beings using AI autopilot and point mapping.

When a drone finds a survivor, it deploys a lifesaving payload of a 6-person liferaft, bottled water, and food bars – and stays with drifting survivors until crews arrive, relaying data in 3D holographic realtime and conveying Search & Rescue crew communications that assure survivors that help is on they way.  Meanwhile, the rest of the Annie fleet re-routes nearby drones to its vicinity to search for more survivors.

Basically, unprecedented capacity for efficient & safe Search & Rescue operations.

SAR survivors on ship.jpg



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