Our “Bessie” drone provides communications network boosting, or Cell-On-Wings (COWs).  Our COWs are configured to be the missing link for cellular and wifi infrastructure that matters to: disaster management teams in rural & urban areas, producers of large concerts and festivals, and rural working teams as well as isolated rural community centers.

The Bessie COW drone can hover as well as grip & anchor onto a tree branch or pole.  These drones are simply placed into position by our basic user piloting system.  Each Bessie is equipped with a:  gripper servo, deep lithium anode cell battery, lte dongle (for cellphone data), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth – and a charging arm that robotically locks into place around a tree branch or post.

Cell-on-wings (COWs)

Our original version uses an Atom Racing drone.  Our alternate version (after our talk with the Department of Interior) uses the Solo 3DR drone.

Bessie Battery specs:  lithium anode batteries, 15K hours each – about 18 months of use between recharge.  When boosted by antennae it will cut the battery life but will kick the radius up to 1/3 of a mile per drone.  This means around 50 hours per drone battery, and will require 1/4 as many drones to do the job.

Bessie flying-cow-796x531

Cell On Wings Cows

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