Nuisance Drones: SOLVED

Somebody get the FAA on the line: Astral AR has designed a comprehensive, non-ballistic solution to nuisance drones, for once and for all. And it doesn’t involve wild animals or projectiles of any sort.

It sounds like science fiction

A flying force field, instantly generated, biologically and environmentally harmless, strong enough to absorb incoming rocket fire, stop bullets, or completely immobilize a human being – even groups of people – without inflicting injury or pain.

But it’s not.

Boeing demonstrated the viability of the same concept with their recent patent on a system that [detects incoming rocket explosions and deploys a field of electrostatic charged air](” target=”_blank) – a far more limited application built on exactly the same force of nature.

(In fact, it’s pretty simple.)

Our application differs from the described functionality presented by Boeing, in that our drones “condition” the field of air immediately before charging it. This ensures an anionic field precisely maintained and does not require laser shaping. The charge passes across the more humid air, simultaneously holding it together while preventing electrostatic charge from passing from the field to objects (such as people) caught inside it. The field is as strong as the electrical charge maintaining it.

Anionized air: a force(field) of nature

Forces of nature can’t be patented; to be clear, Boeing’s breakthroughs are stupendously exciting feats of engineering, but Nikolai Tesla demonstrated electrostatic fields of conditioned air over a hundred years ago.

The Medusa swarm’s viability hinges on our academic access to bleeding-edge atomic battery research currently in progress by our partners at The Singularity, Inc. These leverage beta radiation to generate electricity and have been proven to produce amplitudes and voltages previously undreamed of. Access is strictly limited and requires licensing overseen by the federal Nuclear Commission.

Mass Shooters, Suicide Bombers, Riots & Police Crackdowns

When fired around a nuisance drone, it acts as a highly effective EMP. Even if the nuisance drone is effectively shielded, the strength of the field should effectively paralyze another drone’s rotors or lock up / burn out any engine or motor.

The swarm is expected to be safely applicable directly to humans, as it has been shown capable of immobilizing a person or group of people without inflicting pain or injury. If our expectations prove out true, mass shooters, suicide bombers, riots and police suppression will all become a thing of the past.

The world needs this.

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