Astral was founded in 2015 by Leah La Salla & Jose La Placa Amigo in Austin, TX and the holo edge everywhere.  Gloating is a bit much, but every once in a while, we indulge in showcasing what we’re up to, and what others are saying about our company.

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Nextgov’s Camille Tutti Q & A with Astral’s CEO & CPO  3/17/2017

nextgov logo.pngAstral AR in Tech Crunch: Arlan Hamilton & Backstage Capital  1/25/2017

techcrunch logo.jpeg

UpCounsel Success Story with Astral AR   7/26/2016


Nav Inc Features Case Study of Astral AR   7/14/2016


Astral AR Announces The Medusa Swarm:  Making War Obsolete (Eng/Spanish)   3/22/2016

Astral WP blog pic mini

Astral AR Unveils the Annie Fleet:  Wide Area Search & Rescue (Eng/Spanish)  3/18/2016

Astral WP blog pic mini


PRESS RELEASE:  Astral AR Announces Itself To The World   1/2/2016

Astral WP blog pic mini

Leah La Salla featured in A Comprehensive List of Women-Led Startups In Austin   9/9/2015


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